Outcomes by Nexus

Outcomes by Nexus is a patient-focused study platform that combines a powerful web-based study builder with a convenient smartphone app that allows participants to submit their follow-up evaluations from anywhere.

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Patient Outcomes Research

Are you a researcher preparing to do a patient-focused study? The Outcomes platform is designed to accommodate the following types of research:

Patient Reported Outcomes

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient Centered Outcomes

Patient-Centered Outcomes

Patient Reported Experience Measures

Patient-Reported Experience Measures

Here’s How it Works

Studies are set up via the study builder

Patients are enrolled through the Outcomes website


The app handles informed consent and any other study documents

Patients take the follow-up questionnaires on the schedule you specify


A reminder system helps ensure compliance

A full data set is delivered for comprehensive analysis

Here’s Why it Works

Since patients are untethered from the doctor’s office, Outcomes by Nexus reduces the costs associated with traditional in-office visits.

Because the app follows patients everywhere—even if they move—it reduces the rate of those lost to follow-up.

With patients entering their own data, there are no transcription errors.

The number and frequency of patient follow-ups is no longer constrained by the cost of office visits.

The platform supports multi-center studies, and as many patients as needed.

If you are a patient who has been enrolled in a study, click below to download the app.

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